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Project-E Group

Project-E is not a business name, we are not a company. Project-E is an online freelance group made up of expertise from different corners of the digital technology world you are in now. Our talented individuals are equipped with vast knowledge and experiences in the area of Information Technology, Communication & Marketing, Digital Media and Creative Design skills. That said, we all share the same sentiments towards new business startups and we kept our slogan in mind:

A simple web page, an impact beyond imagination.

Blurp Image 1 Our Mission

We want to be there when you are next to nothing and start building a successful web page from scratch together. We want to see your business bloom in the online space, and then we throw a party to celebrate your success. Most important, we do it simple, affordable and deliver the best results.

Blurp Image 2 Our Vision

We envision to be the next best and biggest online freelance group that providers the most simple and effective digital marketing solution to all the new business startups in ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand). We aspire to be your friend, vendor, consultant, digital guru and a business partner.

Value Proposition

Many people (before they became our clients) had came to us and asked what is our unique selling points, why are we different or special from others, why should they choose to work with us? We then added this section solely to answer those questions.

At Project-E, we always aim to be the one-stop solution provider for all new business startups' digital marketing needs, especially in the development of the new business web page. By offering our digital services, we ensure that the effectiveness of the end product is guaranteed without short-changing in the quality of work. Knowing that all new business startups have a small budget, we catered our solutions to meet that demand and delivers the most cost-effective solutions.

Everyone on this planet is busy every single moment. That is when we created a secondary business goal, which is to deliver what we have promised, hassle-free! We are easy people to work with and we have no reservation in sharing our digital or marketing knowledge and tips to help new businesses grow.


Allan founded the Project-E group. With more than 10 years of working experience in the digital and design space, he drives the business and operations for Project-E.


Brian co-founded Project-E group and he is responsible for developing the business, marketing, acquiring new business partners, affiliate programs and recruitment of new members.


Shah works as a digital marketing specialist. Well-equipped with the latest digital technology and marketing trends, he is able to map out an entire go-to-market strategy for your business.


Ling works as a project campaign manager who oversees and monitor all the project developments, timeline and budgets. She works very closely with developers and the creative team.


Adrien works as a creative digital designer who does all the conceptualization, wireframes, mockups and the overall content and creative direction.


Logan works as a developer and a team lead as well. He has over 10 years of experience in digital development for web page, mobile app and customized solution.

Join Us

We welcome any digital experts to join our group. There is no requirements or minimum education qualification, as long as you can do any of the following scope of work, we want you in as one of our member. However, please note that this is not a full-time job. This is a freelance group and we all work together on a freelance basis with an agreed service fee.

Arrow HTML 5 Expert in Developing Email & Web Page
Arrow CMS Expert in Developing Wordpress, Joomla Powered Web Page
Arrow Creative Expert in Designing Web Page, Marketing Collateral & Logo
Arrow eCommerce Expert in Building Online Shopping Web Page
Arrow App Developer in Building Mobile or Tablet Apps

If you are keen to be a part of the next-biggest-freelance-group (potentially), drop us an email at and state the following:

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  • Software Knowledge
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